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Sclerotherapy – what is sclerotherapy

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Sclerotherapy procedure is a medical intervention used to treat vessels or their abnormalities, as well as those of the lymphatic system.

The vessels are injected with medical materials that shrink them by sclerotherapy.

It is used for children and young adults with vascular diseases and lymphatic abnormalities.

Sclerotherapy procedure is often used in adults to treat varicose spider veins, and hemorrhoids of veins.

This operation of sclerotherapy procedure uses one of the following methods: surgical intervention, radiofrequency, and ablation using of sclerotherapy.

In ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy procedure of veins, it is used to visualize the underlying vein so that the doctors can provide and monitor the injection process.

What is it sclerotherapy procedure of veins?

It is a medical methods used to treat varicose veins (spider) and telangiectasia of veins (spider), in which vessel veins are injected with medicinal substances that cause them to shrink, and then turn into scar tissue that gradually disappears with time.

Reports indicate that this technique succeeded in treating 50-80% of the veins (spider) that were injected veins(spider), as it turned out to be a successful methods for most cases of vascular protrusion, while the failure rate did not exceed 10% of the cases that did not respond to this treatment, and it must be tried Another methods in this case.

In general, it has been shown that cases of telangiectasia respond to treatment within three to six weeks, while the larger varicose (spider) veins take longer to heal, extending from three to four months.

It is good in this treatment that the treat spider veins do not swell and appear again, but new vessel (spider) may be affected by the disease and swell over time, and then they must treatment with injections again by sclerotherapy procedure.

Sclerotherapy procedure is a form of treatment in which the doctors injects spider veins a medicinal substance into the vessel, which causes them to shrink and shrink by sclerotherapy procedure, where a specific substance is used in sclerotherapy and injected directly into the vessel, after which this substance excites the blood, causing it to swell and thus preventing the flow to him.

Sclerotherapy is commonly used to treat varicose (spider) veins, and is a treatment option that never requires surgery.

Sclerotherapy treatment procedures before sclerotherapy procedure of spider veins treatment: –

There are some procedures that the doctors performs before subjecting the patient to sclerotherapy procedure, and the most important of them can be summarized as follows:

1.Physical examination: During the physical examination, the doctors assesses the condition of the apparent varicose (spider) veins in the patient, and makes sure hat he does not have any diseases to do sclerotherapy.

2.Medical history: Inquire about the medical history of cardiovascular diseases, such as clots, and ensure that the patient does not suffer from any allergic condition, or that he has taken some types of medications such as aspirin and other blood thinners, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

NSAIDs, or dietary supplements and herbal remedies, in addition to knowing if the patient has undergone previous treatment to get rid of varicose (spider) veins, and knowing the results of the treatment that was used.

3.An ultrasound examination: Preparation for sclerotherapy procedure injection may require an its examination, with the aim of taking detailed pictures of the spider veins in the legs, depending on the type and condition of the varicose vein to do sclerotherapy procedure.

4.Follow some instructions: The patient should follow some instructions and directions before undergoing sclerotherapy procedure.

For example, the patient must abide by not shaving the area affected by varicose spider veins in the legs before sclerotherapy, and not applying any moisturizing creams to it, for a period of 24 hours before undergoing sclerotherapy.

How long does sclerotherapy last?

Some advices during sclerotherapy procedure of spider veins: –

Sclerotherapy should be noted that the process of injecting spider veins sclerotherapy is one of the easy and simple operations that do not take long to complete, as it often ends in a period of time that does not exceed an hour, and with regard to the procedures of the operation of sclerotherapy.

In the beginning the patient lies down and raises his legs slightly to a level higher than the surface of the body, After that, the area to be injected is sterilized, and the affected vein is injected with the irritating substance.

The syringe may also contain a local anesthetic that relieves pain.

The injected substance is well, and then it is transferred to the other affected spider veins. In fact, the number of injection by sclerotherapy that the doctors injects depends on the number and size of the spider veins that are being treat.

What are dvantages of treatment varicose veins and spider veins with sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy procedure is often the best method for treatment spider arteries, and this method is considered a viable option because it is cheaper, easier, and more effective to treat by sclerotherapy procedure.

Statistics show that sclerotherapy procedure is 50% to 70% effective in treatment spider veins, while 30% to 40% is effective for treatment.

Another advantage of sclerotherapy compared to laser varicose (spider) veins is that it is less painful and sclerotherapy more suitable for darker skin because sometimes dark may change color when exposed to laser, which is not desirable for patient.

What are side effects of varicose (spider) veins treatment by sclerotherapy?

1.Change in color by sclerotherapy solution(appears one to three days after treatment and usually disappears within a few months after treatment)

2.Itching, burning and pain that disappear within a few days or less bruise by sclerotherapy.

3.Allergic reaction to the drug.

4.The appearance of small plaques formed from very fine veins if the injection was given in a greater concentration or in a larger quantity in varicose veins of sclerotherapy solution .

5.Inflammation – this is usually mild but can sometimes cause swelling, warmth and discomfort around the injection site.

Your doctors may suggest an over-the-counter reliever to reduce inflammation in vein by sclerotherapy solution.

6.Blood clot – a mass of clotted can form in a treat vein by solution.

In rare cases, the clot may travel to a deeper vein in your leg vein.

This is known as deep vein thrombosis, and it’s an emergency, where a clot travels from your leg to your lungs and blocks a vital artery.

It is important that you seek immediate care, if you experience any difficulty breathing, chest, dizziness or if you are coughing up blood by sclerotherapy solution.

7.Air bubbles – tiny air bubbles may rise in the bloodstream and although they don’t always cause symptoms, they can in some cases by sclerotherapy solution.

8.Symptoms can include visual disturbances, fainting, headache, and nausea by sclerotherapy solution.

9.These symptoms can generally go away, but it is important to contact your doctors if you experience problems with limb movement or sensation after the procedure solution.

10.Allergic reaction – sometimes you may also get an allergic reaction to the solution used for the treatment, although this is uncommon by sclerotherapy solution.

Unusual risks of injection sclerotherapy of spider veins:

Skin necrosis or death of  cells in the face, if the sclerosing agent was injected vein outside the spider vein.

Deep vein thrombosis.

Random injection into another artery.

Does sclerotherapy work on all cases?

Most people who have had sclerotherapy solution notice an improvement in the appearance of their spider (varicose) veins after two treatment sessions.

Most patients require 6 treatments for complete eradication of the spider veins.

About 10% of patient who undergo sclerotherapy solution will have some varicose veins that do not completely disappear after six treatments.

In very rare cases, the patient’s condition may worsen after sclerotherapy procedure.

Best results are obtained when the patient fully adheres to the recommended support stockings for three days after inject vein.

How many treatment sessions might I need by sclerotherapy solution procedure?

The number of treatment sessions required to eliminate the condition varies from patient to patient, depending on the size of the spider or varicose veins.

The number of sessions required to eliminate or improve the condition varies from patient to patient, depending on the size of the spider or varicose veins.

From one to six or more treatment may be required, the average being between three and four.

Individual varicose veins require one to three treatment by sclerotherapy solution procedure.

Because only 3cc of the crosslinking solution will be inject vein per visit, patients with a lot of spider or varicose veins will only be able to treat 30% to 50% of the varicose veins per visit.

The doctor will discuss this with you during your consultation appointment.

Injections sclerotherapy solution procedure in vein can be done every two weeks.

Each session takes about 30 minutes.

What is the cost of varicose veins injection treatment?

Varicose veins is used to treat varicose veins through a very thin needle to relieve and work to improve of spider or varicose veins and treat varicose veins in the legs and relieve symptoms associated with varicose veins such as burning, swelling and cramping, in addition to their unwanted appearance on the surface of the skin in vein.

The doctor advises you to stop taking medications Aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or iron supplements several days before undergoing injection sessions.

As for the cost of treatment varicose veins without injection surgery, it is simple compared to others, as it is used to treat varicose veins and spider veins, and the procedure includes injecting varicose veins with a solution directly into the affected varicose veins, which causes them to shrink and gradually disappear at the end.

Finally, you should know that some chemical which treats special types of collapse or foam performed in veins is a choice and minimally safe for teatment painless reticular or remove malformations and prevent damages of abnormal veins.

And some techniques effectively removal or consider gold standard and other cosmetic therapy or medication treated superficial veins or solutions or pathology.