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Spider veins

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Spider veins

Spider (varicose) veins can put you in healthy risk more than its effect on your appearance These veins can lead to discomfort and spider (varicose) veins put you at risk for a complication like ulcer in your limb.

At least they can get rid of by surgery, and you can use other treatment options like analgesic for pain.

Are spider veins serious?

what causes spider (varicose) veins to appear?

There are common reasons that cause spider (varicose) veins to appear we will put them here:


As a person progress in age, the wall of vessel loses their softness, which makes them stretch, and the valves in the vessels become weaker.

Which allowing blood that should back to the heart, thus collecting blood in the blood vessels, thereby widening them, and creating varicose blood vessels.

Thus, the varicose blood vessels  appear blue because they contain blood lacking oxygen.


Spider (varicose) veins are formed in some pregnant women, as pregnancy increases the body’s blood volume but reduces its way from the limb to the pelvis.

This change in blood circulation aims to support the foetus but lead to an unfortunate side-effect of widening legs blood veins.

Also, there are factors that increase the risk of developing spider(varicose)veins:

1.increasing in age.

Varicose veins often appear between the ages of 30 and 70, and their risk increases with age, as aging causes erosion and rupture of valves that help to regulate blood flow.


Women’s sex is more likely to develop varicose veins than men.

And that because hormonal changes during pre-menopausal pregnancies can be catalysts.

Female hormones lead to relaxation in the walls of blood vessel, taking replacement hormones or contraceptive pills increase the risk of spider (varicose) veins.

3.Genatic factors.

the likelihood of varicose veins increases in those whose relatives suffer from them.

4. Obesity made additional pressure on veins.

What are signs and symptoms of the disease?

– The surface veins in the form of red-coloured threads as bifurcated as spider-web threads.

– The suffer may feel minor Ache depending on the amount of spider (varicose) veins but usually no pain occurs.

– It may be red-coloured or red to blue depending on the affected area.

Can you get rid of spider (varicose) veins?

Spider (varicose) veins can get rid of by many ways we will discuss them here:

1.laser therapy.

Spider (varicose) veins can get rid of by laser therapy or sclerotherapy.

Both therapies provide good results with almost no time.

Also, Patients often can continue high-powerful physical activity in next day.

this therapy is popular.

It destroys the vessels through the  skin surface area.

However, it burns the  skin surface area  as it penetrates it and unfortunately able to damage the skin  and appear as a red or blue  skin.


This option treats large numbers of veins by injecting a solution through a needle in the red to blue  skin surface area  to obstract vessels.

The solution help to scar the vessels  and cause it to shut.

You can watch them disappear immediately.

It is an important method and less probability to cause skin harm or change in color either red or blue.

The needle is small and delicate and painless.

The solution is painless.

Regardless the type of therapy you used patients will wear a compression wrap for hours after the surgery for large veins.

You want the vessels  to scar and stick so no blood into it and the vein is no visible.

Once you treated the spider (varicose) veins, they not come back, although you get new ones.

There’s no therapy get rid of all visible veins.

And if you see a patient get rid of all visible veins it is unrealistic.

But to get rid of 80 to 90% of visible veins you can use any option of the above.

Are spider (varicose) veins serious?

Most of the cases affected with this disease want to know whether spider veins are a dangerous disease or not.

The answer to this question lies in the risks that spider (varicose) veins cause, which usually include the following:


It is worth noting that there are some painful ulcers that form on the blue near the spider veins, especially near the ankles.

To avoid and reduce the Ache that these ulcers cause, it is recommended to consult a specialist immediately as soon as you suspect the possibility of infection with these ulcers.

2.blood clots:

As mentioned earlier, the veins in the legs and  skin  surface area often occur with enlarged leg and swollen, so the affected individual experience face some Ache in this affected legs skin.

It should also be noted that it is important to consult a specialist if these pains or  skin  or legs swellings in the affected legs become worse.

because these signs indicate the possibility of a blood clot forming, and this condition is usually known as superficial thrombophlebitis.

3. bleeding:

In some affected cases, spider (varicose) veins close to the surface area of ​​the  skin  bleeds, especially in the event of damage or injury, or even a collision in this legs.

To stop this bleeding of capillaries from skin, it is necessary to lie down and raise the affected lower limb and apply direct pressure on the bleeding site.

Spider veins treatment

When should I be worried about spider (varicose) veins?

If your spider (varicose) veins are painful and pressure socks on skin surface area  helps relieve these signs that is found, it is a sign that you may benefit from a more permanent therapy of spider veins, such as eradication.

Because spider veins if left untreated, they may cause a range of signs, including:

1.A heaviness in your legs.


3.Swelling legs.



Permanent change of skin  surface area colour (red or blue) due to iron deposition.

Easy skin  to crack or rupture, resulting in persistent wounds and sores too in the blue skin.

How to diagnose spider veins?

See the doctor if you experience sores in the legs or  skin  surface area or the veins become blistered, red or blue or swollen limb more than another.

Medical examinations include:

  • Clinical diagnosis given by look to limb and patient standing to check swelling.
  • Ultrasonic testing to make sure valves work and look for blood clots.

What is treatment of spider (varicose) veins?

First: Treatment of moderate conditions.

1.Compression stockings.

2.Wearing compression socks on red to blue legs or skin  surface area is often the first approach to therapy. moves to other treatments.

4.Compression socks are worn all day on red to blue skin surface area.

5.Veins and limb muscles help to transfer blood more efficiently.

6.pressure on legs or skin  varies by type and brand.

7.Stick to the doctor’s recommendations when buying compression socks on skin, make sure they fit you properly using the measurement tape, and the pharmacist can help you get the right size.

Second: Treatment of difficult cases.

We mean that there are different cases that do not respond to self-care and compression socks, and include:

1.Sclerotherapy: veins are injected with a special substance that removes spider (varicose) veins after scarring and obstructs them.

2.Surgeries like laser surgery: it aims to close spider (varicose) veins and spider veins by sending bursts of light to the leg, the vessels fade slowly.

3.Catheter-assisted procedures: where a thin catheter tube is inserted into the expanding veins, its limb is then heated, resulting in destraction and closure of the vessels.

4.Vein stripping: where the long vein is removed by making small incisions, it can be performed in outpatient clinics.

5.vessels  cutting Ambulatory phlebectomy: where small spider (varicose) veins are removed through small holes in the red or purple  legs or  skin  under local anaesthetic.

6.Endoscopic vessels surgery: This procedure needs in advanced cases such as  sores.

What is Brooklyn spider vein treatment?

The most types of spider veins are treated by any way as above and the results will be good.

But in Brooklyn, they consider surgery cosmetic therapy because spider veins can treat medically in most cases although surgery is used in most cases.

Doctor Bolotin who is the best spider vessels doctor in Brooklyn recommended invasive therapy to resolve the damaged vessels permanently.

Just treated, whatever procedure the best spider vessels doctor in Brooklyn says that the offending blood vessels disappear over the course of the next months.

Doctor Bolotin may advise people to follow-up visit at that time.

During these months which you take your therapy, you don’t need to do anything to be good.

It is recommended also to walk, and protection from the sun and other methods protect your skin.

As an expert Interventional Radiologist doctor Bolotin who is the best spider vessels doctor in Brooklyn at the Astra Vein therapy Centre can diagnose and treat your spider blood vessels, so you no need to feel about them.

What is advice to deal with spider vessels?

It is preferable to follow the following instructions to alleviate and live with the disease:


Maintaining body weight according to health medical standards.

Eating healthy and rich food with all nutrients.

Drinking the equivalent of 6 glasses of water per day unless there are contraindications and other diseases affecting it.

It is recommended to wear medical socks that help to return blood and not collect it in the veins, thereby alleviating the appearance of symptoms.

How to prevent spider veins?

Improving blood flow and muscle mass may reduce the risk of intravenous spider (varicose) veins.

The same measures when disturbed by can help prevent them.

Try the following:

1.Avoid wearing high heels and tights.

2.Change the seating or standing position regularly.

3.A high-fibre, low-salt diet.


5.Lift limbs when sitting or lying down.

Finally, you should learn that the spider (varicose) veins (also called telangiectasia) commonly appear in feet or anywhere  when venous vessels dilated and bulging abnormally in people have a weak valves or  any similar problem.

And it appear in patterns or groups which forms clusters or lines or branches  and sometimes appear in weblike and they lead to  underlying  tender skin and result in  heavy ache much more other areas.

So, If one of these veins rupture it considered a severe condition or life-threatening and need well intervention by doctors.