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The Benefits OF Varicose Vein Treatment

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The Benefits OF Varicose Vein Treatment

Obesity, excess weight and immobility are the causes of varicose veins.

Because of its widespread spread in the society, the growth rate of varicose veins is also expected to be high.

What are the benefits of varicose veins treatment?

There is a method and benefits to treat varicose veins by using radio frequencies (RF):

This method or procedure is used to treatment radicular varicose (spider veins) such as the great saphenous vein or the lesser saphenous varicose (spider) veins.

Usually, this method (laser) or procedure is done in the clinic by a specialist without the need for anathesic with high benefits.

As for the treatment of varicose veins of the superficial branches that are filled with the labyrinth, excision of the tumor, advice, or sclero treatment.

In the it (RF) method treatment of varicose, the inside of the varicose veins is heated by radiofrequency treatment from a laser or procedure.

This method is performed as laser in the office and under local anesthesia.

The function of the primary RFs, which are currently operating in the venous, destroys and aggregates them.

This is about 120 degrees Celsius.

As for the production of radio systems, these columns are alternating current.

Varicose veins treatment with method is performed in different stages.

Do varicose veins go away with treatment?

Preparation steps:

1- Before starting a new treatment, this essential picture is the place where the needle entered the varicose veins.

Usually, the point of the needle is slightly above the bottom of the needle.

2- The skin of the foot is carefully disinfected with betadine solution.

This means the risk of infection.

At this point,it is numbed with local anesthetic around the varicose veins.

However, it seems to be painfully written at the site of the needle.

3 – When it is ready in the skin, enter the processor.

Perform a simultaneous ultrasound to guide the catheter proce into the veins.

4- In the next step, the local anesthetic is injected into the tissues around the treated veins and is injected into the entire length of varicose (spider) veins treatment.

This avoids pain during storage.

Another function and benefits of the anesthetic is to compress the varicose veins by transmitting radio waves to the tissues adjacent to the veins.

In most cases, 50 CC of lidocaine 1% is sufficient to numb the veins.

Stages of RF treatment:

If the heat is adjusted from the waves to the veins.

The veins is resolved by cutting from the inside with a gentle movement of the catheter.

6- The catheter is removed when the catheter passes the length of the entire veins.

The needle position is then inserted with a weight loss stocking or pressure band on the patient’s leg veins with high benefits to treatment of it.

Maximum pressure on the treated varicose veins.

7- Then us confirmation of the closure of the varicose (spider) veins.

The closed vein is transformed into scar tissue.

It is absorbed by the body over period and will be completely erased.

The patient usually reaches for his finger.

The device of radiofrequency shows a temperature of 120 degrees on the vein wall.

The catheter remains in a unit area of the vein until this temperature is reached.

Heating the vein wall causes it to be squeezed varicose (spider) vein into the subenergetic regions and to reach benefits.

Because the nature of the vein changes with heat, and the vein swells.

After that, the catheter is removed by up to 7 cm.

Then no energy is sent to the vein.

Establishing the position of the catheter in a specific position, the power is restored to the vein.

In the same way, the catheter is removed from the length of the vein and this process is repeated.

This continues until a length of esp is obtained in 7 cm sections in varicose veins.

In the first weeks after treatment, compression of the treatment site is critical.

This is something like reducing bruising and inflammation.

The sock is often used as a treatment.

During the recovery period, the patient should walk adequately.

The bed in the bed is more comfortable.

For this, you should use the habit of walking people.

Heavy objects are prohibited and strenuous exercises such as weightlifting and deadlift should not be performed.

Showering may be possible the same night.

Treatment takes place After several weeks of treatment, the vein is confirmed by us.

Sclerotherapy was performed with us guidance to complete the ablation.

What happens after varicose veins are treated?

What are the risks and side effects of varicose vein treatment?

1.Factors of laser therapy:

The risks of resolved varicose veins with laser side effects may include:

1.burns from laser.

2.color changes by laser treatment.

3.burning sensation, pain.

4.Small or large blood clot in a vein or deep vein due to varicose veins affected by laser in legs.

The more experience your doctor has with laser surgery, the lower the risk.

Other risks: –

Varicose vein surgery a surgical procedure to correct the problem of varicose (spider) veins in legs may be accompanied by some side effects and health complications, and the following is a statement of some of them:

Swelling of the legs, which may take several weeks to disappear.

Pain, bruising, and swelling of it in the affected area in legs.

The appear of brown pigmentation at the site of operation, and these pigmentation often disappear with a period.

The appear of scars at the site of surgery, which also disappear with time.

Damage to the nerves in the operation area, which may lead to numbness, numbness, and tingling in the legs, which may be temporary or permanent in some cases.

Risks of the general surgery, such as the risks of anesthestic for surgery procedures, infection surgery, and bleeding.

Deep nerve damage, which may increase the problem of flow disorder.

Blood clots form in the deep varicose veins.

The risks of treating varicose veins with sclerotherapy may result from the treatment of varicose veins.

It had a number of side effects and health problems, we show some of them in the following:

Injecting the substance used for sclerotherapy by mistake into an artery, which leads to Artery damage.

Irritation of some healthy varicose veins as a result of treatment.

The appearance of an allergic reaction against the material used in sclero.

The appear of large ulcers in the area of ​​the injection in the legs and in some rare cases, which may be painful and cause scarring on it.

Phlebitis, and an increased risks of blood clots.

The appearance of lumps in the leg as a result of confinement in some varicose veins, and these lumps go away on their own, or are removed by the doctor.

The appearance of bruises, and leg pigmentation.

Finally, varicose veins may show minimally throbbing and need to stockings or increase mobility to reduce pain and other effective treatments to improve medical symptoms and prevent uncomfortable or reastless choice or plan or lifestyle treats it.

Vessel involved in the disease may bulging or damaged and need care to relief or reduces or decreases or fade this syndromes and may require special doctors.

Discoloration in this syndrome have a potential cosmetic problem and discomfort to patients.

In many cases phlebectomy or invasive technique reduced or remove or eliminate or other options may change or removal or some of its outcome.

But should done by an expert one.